The Peter Pan Thing

it begins by sighing at Disney

Rewriting Peter Pan

Or: the "give Wendy some goddamn agency already, will you??" revision

This is a project co-authored with JV, a long-time friend who once had the unfortunate experience of also being my roommate, but is rather miraculously still speaking to me instead of finding a good place to bury my corpse.

The story began when we started talking about a rather dark, noir retelling of Peter Pan, because really, nobody noticed all these missing kids? Then I told them, "You really have to write this." Somehow, that turned into, "Then you're writing this with me." And here we are.

Neither of us was particularly fond of the original Peter Pan. Wendy was essentially an animated prop. Peter was possibly a sociopath. No one actually explained magic adequately. And so on down the line until "dark, noir" became indelibly infused with altogether too much snark. Wendy became a cop. Freelance coders fought off pixies trying to eat said code. An alchemist/magical historian/writer with permissions to cross between Faerie and the human world arrived, along with a boyfriend who's a fellow with the Fine Arts Work Center and really can't cook (beware the moment when the grimoire is mistaken for a cookbook).

There is no timeline for when this will be finished, but we're both a little in love with this retelling and hoping to produce some standalone shorts before the actual novel. Which is now a trilogy, but that's a different story for another time.