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Misc. Shorts & Poetry

works in progress


  • untitled
    • on cynicism, ableism, and recovery. maybe.
  • untitled
    • on survival, on life thereafter, and learning how to speak again


Have you figured out I am really, extraordinarily terrible at titles yet?

  • untitled, Phantasmagoria short
    • Anya Toporova is eight years old when the civil war becomes the monster destroying her home instead of just a story on the news. First, magic claims her as one if its own, thereby painting a target on her back. Second, her father—guilty of nothing other than her own crime of mere existence—is seized by a raid team while she hides behind a closet door and tries to wish herself into invsibility.

      Twelve years later, the war itself is long since over. The dictator who ordered her father's detention, and ultimately his murder, is gone; and Anya is only a month away from her first mastery test in the new, internationally-instituted classification system for those with magic. But the effects of the war linger on in the country's pockets of shattered infrastructure, in its equally shattered reputation. So does the man who led the raid on her home. She's bent on vengeance and knows closure is a myth, but she may well find that vengeance brings nothing at all.
  • untitled
    • From the opening line, "Three days after her twenty-second birthday, she learnt she could fly."
  • untitled, Phantasmagoria short
    • The secret agency isn't quite so secret anymore, but holding people with magical powers captive only works in your favour if you know what the hell you're doing. (Spoiler: these guys don't. They're about to have a very, very bad day.)
  • untitled, Peter Pan novella
    • When the Fae try to purchase a home in the mortal world, and then get caught up in a bank robbery while trying to obtain a loan, things really don't work out the way anyone expects they will. Plus, the house is haunted. Details.


  • Earth & Water, Fear & Safety, Evystina in medias res short
    • Likely will never be a standalone, due to its role in the overall plot, but I love this piece despite its triggers and may well end up releasing it on Patreon. Trauma, survival, the aftermath, recovery, and all the grey that accompanies it.
  • untitled
    • I am determined to write the story of a customer service rep who, while sleep-deprived, answers the phone by saying, "Thank you for calling, who am I sleeping with today?"
    • Based on a true story (not mine)
    • No, I have no idea how to make this happen. Yet.