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wordsmithing & wordshaping

welcome to the ride

And so it begins.

...Great, now I sound like Gandalf.

Primarily, I finally decided to take this website live to pressure myself into submitting more pieces for publication. Now that grad school is over, it's no longer taking over my life and every spare minute I have to put words on paper, so I can return to fiction. I love writing, and I'm good at meeting deadlines. Except, that is, the ones I set for myself. This and Patreon give me some accountability, so that one plot point I've decided to skip in favour of that thing at the end I like a lot better? I sort of have to stop skipping it.

This website also serves as a promotion for my freelancing. I could certainly use the work while my doctors and I work out my health and whether or not I will be a permanent freelancer; and while operating out of Etsy is a little bit of a hassle, it does keep me from going to jail for operating without a business licence. Most of you have received emails or been linked to blog posts explaining all the details, so I won't repeat them here because that would take forever. Suffice to say that the projects listed on this site are exactly as strange as they probably sound, but they're also a lot of fun. So, come join me.